Ian Siegal has been called a “national treasure” (Classic Rock). Yet he considers that he has only just got started! In 2013 he collected multiple British Blues Awards, the European Blues Awards winner for male vocalist, and a US Blues Music Awards nomination for his latest album, Candy Store Kid.
Siegal is known as a bluesman, but it’s just one shade in the palette of an artist who slips between continents, eras and expectations. Whatever he might be singing, one thing is for sure: he takes command of the stage in a manner very few contemporary artists can equal.
This modern singer-songwriter is at the top of his game; but don’t expect him to dine out on his press cuttings or sit polishing his trophies. For Siegal, it’s all about the next show, the next song and the next great record. He’s a man in motion. Don’t take your eyes off him.