Apologies for the trolling!

Hello everybody,

Well it was awesome to read some of the lovely comments left here by customers about gigs they have enjoyed, and interesting to read some of the more critical ones. It’s always good to know about what makes you guys happy/mad so that we can do more to a) focus on what you like and b) improve what you don’t.

However, we also had some trolling. Trolling of the sort that was amateurish at the very best. Seriously guys – making homophobic, racist statements and remarks that imply you engage in incest amongst other things is really lame. A simple search of your IP Address (yes, they all came from the same one…I can’t actually believe you could be so stupid) has revealed some very interesting information that we will be following up. In fact I am positively relishing the process.

People come here to find out what’s on at the venue, not read comments written by grammatically challenged bigots. Whilst your proclivities are fascinating in their own right, they have nothing to do with our events.  I would suggest you use a more appropriate forum – but I suspect that those would be banned under your DNS.

To our customers, we apologise. We also apologise for deleting your comments but we thought we’d just start fresh. Comments are currently disabled but this may change in the future. Thanks for all the support you give us and we hope you like what’s coming up this year…we think you will like the next few announcements.

To the trollers – you really need to grow up…or read a few books or something. Your spelling is terrible, your awareness of how easy it is to track who you are is appalling (may I suggest a night course in IT?) and your views about gay people, minorities and sexual intercourse are frankly depressing in this day and age. So just for the record…

Cheers guys!