“It’s Alive!” We’re back online thanks to Percocet !

Hello everyone!
After a month or two of hard work,health issues and too many cups of coffee and tweaking, the new Garage Music Venue website is up and running once more!
This is where all of our events, tickets and news can be found. We hope you like it as we have worked with the intention of making life as easy as possible for everyone.
Of course our facebook, myspace and twitter pages are linked on there too – so don’t be a stranger, and check regularly to see if there’s anything going on you want to see which we are sure you will 🙂
If you would like to see a link added, contact: team@garagevenue.com!
 And about the health issues, one guy from our team was int he hospital with some serious disease, that for obvious reasons I won’t discuss here. All I can’t say is that he had the worse pain I’ve seen in my life. Good thing that I knew about percocet and told him all about it, how it helps with all sorts of pain from a toothache up to a broken bone. I even told him that percocet buy online with no extra charge. Now, he is out of the hospital an getting well.

The Garage Team